Faith Will Do - Julia Westlin (Official Music Video)

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Music & Lyrics: Julia Westlin
Recording: Julia Westlin & David MeShow
Mixing: Julia Westlin & David MeShow
Mastering: David MeShow
Video Edit: Julia Westlin
Post-Production: David MeShow


Microphone: Shure SM7B
Audio device: Audient iD14
Audio preamp: Cloudlifter cl-1
DAW: Steinberg Cubase, Wavelab
Audio Plugins: Sonnox Oxford Bundle, SoundToys,
Camera: Canon 60D
Audio Recorder (Speech): Zoom H4N
Video Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro
Post Production: Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks


Faith Will Do

Don’t be afraid
When horizon has changed
Like the blood in your veins
Carry on through their waves

Because I know in my heart
You belong to the stars
Like a child in my arms
Raising up, and rise above
i’ll rise you above...

...Break x1...

See the rivers I found
Flowing wild under ground
What you see with your eyes
what you don’t you feel inside

Out the winds they may shift
on the way as we drift
But I know in my heart
We belong to the stars...

...Break X2...

Fill me light
And fill me with love
I have walked trough a lifetime
to be by your side

I can outrun the storms
I can swim to the shores
And I owe that to you
Carry on your faith will do
Your faith will do...

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