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  • Sys Bjerre er tilbage – med alle sine veninder!

    Sys Bjerre er tilbage – med alle sine veninder!

    Sys Bjerre har netop haft debut på førstesinglen til sit kommende album, ”Alle Mine Veninder”, i Allstars på TV2.

    Nummeret er blevet sendt til radio i mandags og i næste uge er videoen klar.

    ”Alle Mine Veninder” er blevet til i Svendborg, hvor Sys og kæresten Phillip Halloun sidste år tog til for at slappe af et par måneder. Her fik de skrevet og produceret numrene til den kommende plade, der får release i d. 27. september.

    ”Vi elsker begge to Indien og er meget fascinerede af deres musik, så på demoen gav vi den bare fuld gas med tablas, tambura og sitar. Det var vildt sjovt, men i studiet med Frederik Thaae blev inder-viben skruet lidt ned til fordel for mere decideret weirdness og hårdhed. Han er fantastisk og hans hjerne er ligeså krøllet som min, så sammen er vi et totalt vinderteam, synes jeg. Nu glæder jeg mig bare til sol, sommer og til at lave pladen færdig. Det blir det vildeste jeg nogensinde har lavet”, fortæller Sys om arbejdet med pladen

    Singleforløberen til albummet er det energiske festnummer, ”Alle Mine Veninder”, som nok skal få sat fut i dansegulvene landet over i løbet af sommeren.

    ”Med Alle Mine Veninder ville jeg skrive den slags sang, jeg selv har lyst til at høre når jeg skal drikker champagne og danser med pigerne, og det lykkedes faktisk.
    Jeg blir selv helt glad af at høre den, og mit håb er at den kan sætte lidt gang i festen og at andre også kan komme lidt i 'nu holder vi om hinanden og danser synkron dans stemning, siger Sys, der ikke er alene om at være stor fan af ”Alle Mine Veninder”. Også producer Frederik Thaae, (A Kid Here After, Black City, MicroPop, Peter Sommer, Murder mm.), er vild med nummeret:

    'Alle Mine Veninder er det bedste, sjoveste og mest fuldendte track jeg har produceret. Processen har være legende og Sys har hele vejen igennem motiveret mig til at gå planken ud. Det er en sand fornøjelse at arbejde med en artist, som ikke ligger under for forventningspres oven på en monstersucces, men tværtimod er helt fokuseret på at vise nye veje og udfordre sig selv. Hvis alle popstjerner gjorde som Sys Bjerre ville der ikke være noget der hed indie.'

    Se Alle Mine Veninders TV-debut i Allstars på TV2
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  • Little Red Suitcase høster i disse dage store roser i USA og Canada

    Little Red Suitcase er i disse dage på en mindre tour i USA og Canada, inden de afslutter på årets Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

    Det er første gang at Elena Setien og Johanna Borchert, tilsammen duoen Little Red Suitcase, er i USA for at præsentere deres musik som Little Red Suitcase.

    Og selvom touren først afslutter d. 24 juni i Canada med optræden på Ottawa Jazz Festival, så er der allerede gået hipster snak i den på den anden side af Atlanten.

    New York jubler over Little Red Suitcase live:
    I hvertfald er All About Jazz i New York helt overvældet over bandets optræden på både Rochester Jazz Festival d. 18 samt deres optræden i New York på Cornelia Street Cafe d. 19 juni.

    Så de gode live anmeldelser er ved at blive skrevet.

    New Yorker jazzbloggen ”JazzWrap” er også begejstret for Little Red Suitcase, der allerede inden duoens optræden gav dem følgende ord med på vejen
    ” Little Red Suitcase may not be for everyone but they deliver something that at least more lyrically and vocally eclectic than most of what's out now for music fans ”

    ”Hippest of the Hip”
    Allerede inden Ottawa Jazz Festival er gået i gang, er Little Red Suitcase ”Critic's Pick” og ”Hippest of the Hip” på Ottawa Jazz Festival. Således lister Ottawa Citizen Little Red Suitcase side om side med hovednavne som Thomasz Stanko Quintet, Bill Frisell, Herbie Hancock m.fl. som jazznavne, der bør opleves på festivalen.

    Så der er al mulig grund til at fange bandet på Copenhagen Jazz Festival 06 juli i Østre Anlæg samt 09 juli på Borups Højskole.
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  • Kid Cudi Plans To 'Celebrate' DJ AM At The VMAs

    When Kid Cudi performs with Wale and the go-go group UCB, the VMA house band, at Sunday's awards show, he will take some time out to remember 2008 house-band member DJ AM, who died unexpectedly last month.

    "DJ AM was a good homie of mine, so we're going to do a little something for him," the VMA-nominated rapper told MTV News. "We doing this for AM. He had so much love."

    For Cudi's time at the Video Music Awards, he plans to make sure his party is all about AM. "We're going to be celebrating his life," he said. "You know what I mean? It's going to be a great night, and I don't know about everybody else, but I'm celebrating the VMAs in memory of Adam Goldstein."

    Wale spoke to MTV News after AM's death about picking up where Travis Barker and DJ AM left off last year. "AM was one of the greatest DJs I've ever seen play," he said. "Him and Travis had such a chemistry. [AM was] definitely one of the greater ears in music, and he's definitely underrated [as a DJ]."

    Wale and UCB will also be joined by Solange Knowles, Pitbull and 3OH!3 for a series of originals and covers that will definitely keep the VMA crowd rocking all night. If Wale's VMA rehearsal Thursday was any indication, those covers could include songs by Britney Spears, Coldplay and Kings of Leon.
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  • Rep On Jason Biggs' Monkey Business: "Not Everything On The Internet Is True"

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Contrary to an online report, Jason Biggs has not been attacked by a Gibraltar ape while on vacation on the island, his rep told Access  Hollywood.

    “Jason’s in LA, had a meeting yesterday with his agents,” the rep told Access. “Not everything on the Internet is true.”

    Earlier on Thursday, the UK’s Telegraph reported that the star had gone sightseeing in Gibraltar, only to find himself face-to-face with a Barbary macaque that “tried to bite his face off.” There are reportedly some 200 “Barbary apes” in Gibraltar – a species native to North Africa and brought to the British territory by soldiers in the 18th century.

    The erroneous report comes at the same time as the 10th anniversary of Biggs’ breakthrough role, as a sex-challenged teenager who had a different close encounter – with the title desert — in the comedy “American Pie.”

    Copyright 2009 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.
    This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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  • Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies

    BUCHAREST, Romania - At first, fans politely applauded the Roma performers sharing a stage with Madonna. Then the pop star condemned widespread discrimination against Roma, or Gypsies — and the cheers gave way to jeers.

    The sharp mood change that swept the crowd of 60,000, who had packed a park for Wednesday night's concert, underscores how prejudice against Gypsies remains deeply entrenched across Eastern Europe.

    Despite long-standing efforts to stamp out rampant bias, human rights advocates say Roma probably suffer more humiliation and endure more discrimination than any other people group on the continent.

    Sometimes, it can be deadly: In neighboring Hungary, six Roma have been killed and several wounded in a recent series of apparently racially motivated attacks targeting small countryside villages predominantly settled by Gypsies.

    "There is generally widespread resentment against Gypsies in Eastern Europe. They have historically been the underdog," Radu Motoc, an official with the Soros Foundation Romania, said Thursday.

    Roma, or Gypsies, are a nomadic ethnic group believed to have their roots in the Indian subcontinent. They live mostly in southern and eastern Europe, but hundreds of thousands have migrated west over the past few decades in search of jobs and better living conditions.

    Romania has the largest number of Roma in the region. Some say the population could be as high as 2 million, although official data put it at 500,000.

    Until the 19th century, Romanian Gypsies were slaves, and they've gotten a mixed response ever since: While discrimination is widespread, many East Europeans are enthusiastic about Gypsy music and dance, which they embrace as part of the region's cultural heritage.

    That explains why the Roma musicians and a dancer who had briefly joined Madonna onstage got enthusiastic applause. And it also may explain why some in the crowd turned on Madonna when she paused during the two-hour show — a stop on her worldwide "Sticky and Sweet" tour — to touch on their plight.

    "It has been brought to my attention ... that there is a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe," she said. "It made me feel very sad."

    Thousands booed and jeered her.

    A few cheered when she added: "We don't believe in discrimination ... we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone." But she got more boos when she mentioned discrimination against homosexuals and others.

    "I jeered her because it seemed false what she was telling us. What business does she have telling us these things?" said Ionut Dinu, 23.

    Madonna did not react and carried on with her concert, held near the hulking palace of the late communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

    Her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said Madonna and other had told her there were cheers as well as jeers.

    "Madonna has been touring with a phenomenal troupe of Roma musicians who made her aware of the discrimination toward them in several countries so she felt compelled to make a brief statement," Rosenberg said in an e-mail. "She will not be issuing a further statement."

    One Roma musician said the attitude toward Gypsies is contradictory.

    "Romanians watch Gypsy soap operas, they like Gypsy music and go to Gypsy concerts," said Damian Draghici, a Grammy Award-winner who has performed with James Brown and Joe Cocker.

    "But there has been a wave of aggression against Roma people in Italy, Hungary and Romania, which shows me something is not OK," he told the AP in an interview. "The politicians have to do something about it. People have to be educated not to be prejudiced. All people are equal, and that is the message politicians must give."

    Nearly one in two of Europe's estimated 12 million Roma claimed to have suffered an act of discrimination over the past 12 months, according to a recent report by the Vienna-based EU Fundamental Rights Agency. The group says Roma face "overt discrimination" in housing, health care and education.

    Many do not have official identification, which means they cannot get social benefits, are undereducated and struggle to find decent jobs.

    Roma children are more likely to drop out of school than their peers from other ethnic groups. Many Romanians label Gypsies as thieves, and many are outraged by those who beg or commit petty crimes in Western Europe, believing they spoil Romania's image abroad.

    In May 2007, Romanian President Traian Basescu was heard to call a Romanian journalist a "stinky Gypsy" during a conversation with his wife. Romania's anti-discrimination board criticized Basescu, who later apologized.

    Human rights activists say the attacks in Hungary, which began in July 2008, may be tied to that country's economic crisis and the rising popularity of far-right vigilantes angered by a rash of petty thefts and other so-called "Gypsy crime." Last week, police arrested four suspects in a nightclub in the eastern city of Debrecen.

    Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia also have been criticized for widespread bias against Roma.

    Madonna's outrage touched a nerve in Romania, but it seems doubtful it will change anything, said the Soros Foundation's Motoc.

    "Madonna is a pop star. She is not an expert on interethnic relations," he said.


    AP Writers Alison Mutler in Bucharest, William J. Kole in Vienna and Nekesa Mumbi Moody in New York contributed to this report. Læs mere

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